No-Bake Trail Mix Cookies (Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly)

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So, these are definitely the most addicting thing I’ve put on the blog thus far. I am so happy with how this twist on a classic recipe has turned out. Traditionally, these guys are full of refined sugar and butter. I chose to make these a little more nutrient dense than traditional recipes, but didn’t want to sacrifice flavor/ a rich texture. The verdict: it can be done!

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These cookies have the yumminess of trail mix, all held together into a chewy, decadent cookie. This recipe also has a few areas you can add or take out ingredients based on preference. I used pumpkin seeds and almonds as my add ins, but you could try other approaches like try crushed pretzels, cashews, pistachios, crushed up banana chips, etc. And of course, you could do peanuts as an add-in and replace the sunflower seed butter with peanut butter too! 🙂

I chose the rice crispy route instead of oats because I wanted these to have a subtle crunch that was quick to turn smooth. I also used a couple of natural sweeteners instead of just one, to allow for the sweetness to come through in a unique way.

These have been omnivore approved, and is a cookie I wouldn’t hesitate to give to anyone whether they like “health food” or not!

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No-Bake Trail Mix Cookies (Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly)

Author: Each and Every Peace

Summary: Crunchy yet chewy, thick and chocolatey, no-bake cookies. Pure yum.


  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons coconut sugar
  • 2 (heaping) tablespoonfuls sunflower seed butter (or any other nut or seed butter)*
  • 1.5 tablespoons honey (or agave to make this recipe vegan)
  • 3.5 tablespoons cocoa (or cacao) powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon protein powder (can be substituted for ground flax or chia. I bet you could even use regular flour here as well.)
  • 1  2/3 cup puffed rice/rice crispies
  • 1/4 cup nut/seed of choice
  • 4-6 dates


  1. Start by prepping the last 3 ingredients. If using larger nuts like almonds, I would suggest first chopping them into smaller pieces. (For this specific batch, I used 1/8 cup almonds and 1/8 cup pumpkin seeds/pepitas for my 1/4 up total of nut/seed dd-ins.)
  2. Slice each of the dates into 4 pieces.
  3. Measure out the puffed rice and set aside with the other add-ins.
  4. Prep cookie sheet at this time by adding foil or wax paper to cover the entire cookie sheet.
  5. Add coconut oil, coconut sugar, honey and sunflower seed butter to a medium-large sauce pan. Place on stove and heat over medium-low heat. Stir constantly.
  6. Once the mixture is completely combined and the coconut oil is all melted, remove from heat and add cocoa.
  7. When the cocoa has been fully stirred in, add the remaining ingredients. Stir until all ingredients are evenly incorporated.
  8. Give your cookie “batter” one final stir to make sure everything is evenly coated with the chocolate. Taste it to make sure you don’t need to add any more honey or cocoa based on your personal preference. This is your last chance to do so!
  9. Use a spoon to scoop the mixture into the size of cookie that best suit you. Mine were about 2 spoonfuls each which yielded 7 cookies.
  10.  If you are impatient: place in freezer for about 15 minutes to harden the cookies. If not, you can also let these set up at room temperature until your desired consistency is reached.
  11. Once completely cooled, store in an air tight container in a cool environment for 3-5 days. Freeze for prolonged life.

Prep Time (duration): 30-40 minutes

Number of servings (yield):  6-8 cookies


* Two heaping tablespoonfuls means I just took a regular spoon that was tablespoons sized and scooped out two heaping spoonfuls. Everything else needs to measured with an actual measuring spoon.

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